The Recall 2019

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Wobei Du Dich filme online ausleihbar und letzte Bulle-Film wird immer geschafft haben, knnt ihr euch die dann denken ber die sie sich entscheiden, auf Abruf zur Deutschen Telekom ein Medium fr Prozesse in deinem ganzen Welt der in einer besseren Leben.

The Recall 2019

Kandidaten wollten in den Auslands-Recall, doch es gab nur 25 Plätze. Die Luft wurde also nicht nur wegen schwindelerregender Höhen. DSDS-Recall verkommt zur Comedy-Show. , Uhr | vmd, t-online​. (Quelle: RTL). "Deutschland sucht den Superstar": Diese Kandidaten sind im. Beim Recall singt er einen Titel, den Dieter Bohlen ausgesucht hat - und den er eigentlich gar nicht mochte.

The Recall 2019 120 DSDS-Kandidaten wollten nach Thailand – doch es gab nur 25 Plätze

Im „DSDS“-Recall mussten sich die Kandidaten nicht nur im traumhaften Thailand, sondern auch im eiskalten Ischgl beweisen. Kandidaten wollten in den Auslands-Recall, doch es gab nur 25 Plätze. Die Luft wurde also nicht nur wegen schwindelerregender Höhen. Die sechzehnte Staffel der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar wurde vom 5. Januar bis zum April im Programm des Fernsehsenders RTL ausgestrahlt. und im Hanse Gate Hamburg, ging es für Kandidaten in den Recall nach Ischgl. Sie traten zunächst in 10er-Gruppen auf. Kandidaten haben am Samstag, , bei DSDS im Recall in Ischgl gesungen. 25 von ihnen konnten sich ein Ticket für den Recall. DSDS Kandidaten: Wer ist raus & wer im Recall? Folge Author: Kristina Kielblock Kristina Kielblock | Deutschland sucht den. Die Tv&Medienproduktion produziert seit mittlerweile 14 Jahren den DSDS Recall im Auftrag von RTL Television. Schon seit der dritten. Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, Oana Nechiti und Xavier Naidoo haben insgesamt Kandidaten einen Recall-Zettel überreicht. So wird es.

The Recall 2019

Die sechzehnte Staffel der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar wurde vom 5. Januar bis zum April im Programm des Fernsehsenders RTL ausgestrahlt. und im Hanse Gate Hamburg, ging es für Kandidaten in den Recall nach Ischgl. Sie traten zunächst in 10er-Gruppen auf. Dschungelcamp DSDS Platz 11 Management/bookings ️ [email protected]​ Im „DSDS“-Recall mussten sich die Kandidaten nicht nur im​. Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, Oana Nechiti und Xavier Naidoo haben insgesamt Kandidaten einen Recall-Zettel überreicht. So wird es.

In the event of a crash, the seat may move, increasing the risk of injury. Without the activation of warning chimes, messages, and gauges to provide vehicle information to the driver, there would be an increased risk of a crash.

A vehicle stall can increase the risk of crash. A reduction of braking performance can increase the risk of a crash. A vehicle stall can increase the risk of a crash.

Jul 21, — Chrysler is recalling about model year Ram and trucks, and , and Cab Chassis vehicles equipped with diesel engines and fuel lines that may leak fuel into the engine compartments.

A single ignition source could easily cause a fire. Fiat Chrysler FCA opened an investigation in May after a report of leaking fuel lines at the diesel engine supplier, Cummins.

The leak was determined to come from a fuel line with incorrectly Jul 21, — A recall involving model year Mazda MX-5 Miata cars is needed because the skid plates and metal brackets may detach from underneath the cars.

This will leave things a mess for other vehicles on the roads. The defect is blamed on improper maintenance of a spot welding machine that decreases the strength of the welds.

Mazda received the initial report of skid plate noise in December and the affected parts showed several of 12 welding points had Jul 19, — A Nissan Titan recall has been ordered to repair problems with alternator harnesses that could cause electrical short circuits and fires, or what Nissan calls, " thermal incidents.

When the VK56 engines were lowered into place, the alternator harnesses may have made contact with the edges of the metal frame brackets. Nissan says Jul 14, — A Toyota Prius c recall will require dealerships to fix problems with the DC-DC converters that can cause the hybrid systems to shut down.

The Prius c DC-DC converter may fail and cause a failure of the battery to receive power from the converter. The problem only affects vehicles equipped with DC-DC converters which use circuit boards with incorrect specifications.

The automaker says about 10 percent of the cars may develop solder separations due The GLE 4Matic and GLE 4Matic vehicles may have suffered from welding mistakes during production, errors that can allow water to leak into the cabins.

Drivers will really have problems if water hits electrical components and causes electrical short circuits. About 63 vehicles are recalled in About vehicles are recalled in the U.

Mercedes-Benz says the recall is expected to begin August 13, Dealerships will need to replace the driveshafts, including the flanges.

AMG GT Jul 12, — Subaru is recalling more than 2, Legacy and Outback vehicles that may have spot weld problems which could mean the automaker buying back the vehicles.

Every affected owner of a Subaru Outback or Legacy will have choices if faulty welds are discovered. Subaru dealers will inspect the vehicles for "B" line identification marks and if the affected parts were produced on that line, the spot welds will be inspected by representatives of Subaru.

Jul 12, — A Ford Ranger SuperCab recall has been ordered for nearly 8, trucks because the front passenger seat belts may not work properly.

Ford says the Ranger seat belts weren't assembled properly and could fail to restrain passengers. Ford didn't say much about the recall and the government hasn't released details, but there are about 7, trucks recalled in the U.

Jul 11, — Mazda is recalling more than , vehicles because problems with the powertrain control modules can cause the engines to stall.

Recalled are the Mazda CX-5, Mazda6 and Mazda3 to repair problems that cause the engines to lose power or stall. Mazda received a report in January about engine noise and was told the cylinder intake valve rocker arm fell off, then two months later a second report said an engine was running Jul 10, — Fiat Chrysler FCA is recalling more than 43, Jeep Cherokees because of problems with the acceleration and impact sensors used for the airbag systems.

The Jeep Cherokee sensors may fail and cause failures of the airbag systems to detect crash impacts. More than 41, SUVs are recalled in the U. Chrysler opened an international investigation in April because engineers found problems with the Jul 10, — A Mazda RX-8 recall has been ordered for more than cars that need their passenger airbag modules replaced.

The RX-8 cars are equipped with frontal passenger Takata airbag inflators that were installed as original or replacement equipment.

The metal inflators can explode and kill or injure occupants, but this latest recall is necessary because the cars have been recalled in the past.

Mazda says although the cars were previously Jul 9, — A Ford Focus canister purge valve recall has been issued a second time following an identical recall in October to repair deformed gas tanks.

Customers of and Ford Focus and Focus ST cars report illuminated warning lights, erratic fuel gauges and cars that lose motive power.

The Focus canister purge valve recall included about 1. Jul 6, — Fiat Chrysler is recalling 32 model year Ram trucks with the wrong spare tires.

Chrysler says 27 trucks are in the U. This is a violation of safety standards and dealers will need to replace the spare tires.

Ram owners should have been contacted by now, but customers with questions should call Fiat Chrysler FCA says the transmission software may shift the transmission into neutral if the clutch gets stuck in the transmission.

The automaker says 91, Cherokees are affected by the recall, something that allegedly can be fixed by updating the transmission software.

Chrysler opened an internal Jul 5, — A Jeep Renegade recall for vehicles is needed to repair airbag problems in Renegades equipped with Upland trim packages.

Fiat Chrysler says the occupant restraint controllers may not have been calibrated correctly, causing the airbags to deploy incorrectly in crash impacts.

Chrysler says a frontal collision below 16 mph but sufficient enough to trigger a low-output airbag deployment may cause the airbag to deploy at high output.

Instead of the Jul 4, — An Acura ILX recall for more than 58, cars has been ordered to replace right driveshafts and halfshafts so the cars don't roll away.

About 50, model year ILX cars are affected in the U. In addition to rollaway dangers, the cars could lose motive power while driving. The automaker received a claim about a car that lost motive power in and concluded the ILX was assembled incorrectly.

Jul 2, — Volkswagen is recalling more than , model year Volkswagen Passat cars and Atlas SUVs because the headlights could be adjusted by customers.

More than , of the recalled vehicles are in the U. According to federal safety standards, a headlight is not permitted to have a horizontal adjustment.

To ensure the headlight can't be adjusted or aimed incorrectly, a cap is put in place after the Jun 29, — A Maserati Granturismo recall for about vehicles has been issued to fix problems that can cause the airbags to deploy without crash impacts, or fail to deploy in crash impacts.

The Granturismo and Granturismo Convertible vehicles may have airbag electronic control units with defective power supply capacitors.

According to Maserati, the airbag electronic control unit with a faulty power supply capacitor may not manage the voltage of the Jun 28, — A Audi A8 recall has been issued for 66 vehicles equipped with rear relaxation seats.

Audi says the front passenger seat track rivets may fail and cause the spindle brackets to separate. This won't be good news if the rivets and brackets fail in a crash.

Audi technicians will replace the passenger seat tracks once the recall begins August 2, Owners may contact Audi at and refer to recall number 72J3.

Jun 28, — Audi is recalling nearly , vehicles because the passenger airbags may deactivate and fail to deploy in crash impacts.

The automaker says a " mostly temporary loose contact at the Jun 28, — A Mazda3 recall for more than 38, cars is needed to prevent the wheels from detaching from the vehicles due to loose lug nuts.

The automaker received a report of loose lug nuts from outside the U. Mazda determined the problem was caused by a partial gap between the hub bolt head and hub flange of the hub bearing assembly.

This caused a loss of torque and Jun 28, — A Honda Takata airbag recall for about 1. The problem may not cause the Audi driver much trouble, but flying trim could put other drivers and vehicles in danger.

Audi says it received reports about loose wheel arch cover trim between August and August and caused the automaker to open an internal investigation.

Jun 27, — Ferrari is recalling more than vehicles because the airbags and seat belt pretensioners may fail in crashes. Additionally, Ferrai says the airbags and pretensioners could suddenly and unexpectedly deploy.

The automaker says the electronic airbag control units may fail in the following models. Jun 27, — A Range Rover door latch recall has been ordered for owners who have been down this road too many times.

Land Rover says nearly 65, model year Ranger Rovers and Range Rover Sports have door latch problems that cause doors to appear to be closed, but appearances are deceiving.

The problem is the keyless vehicle latching systems that can cause the unlatched doors to open while driving.

A Range Rover door latch recall was issued in The CX-9s may have wiring harness problems that disable the turn signals, passenger airbags and the engine starting systems.

Mazda also says the instrument cluster warnings may give false alerts. Mazda blames the weak connector terminals on changes to the manufacturing of the front and rear of the harnesses.

According to Mazda, weak Jun 26, — Land Rover is recalling about 2, model year Range Rover Evoque SUVs because the front and rear windshield washer systems may fail due to fuse problems.

A fuse in the engine junction box for the front or rear windshield washer system may fail if used in freezing weather or if the system is blocked.

Land Rover opened an investigation in March following windshield washer pump failures that occurred on prototype vehicles being tested in Sweden.

Jun 25, — Ford is recalling about 4, Econoline vehicles equipped with 5. Ford says the Econolines have ambulance or school bus packages with welds inside the coast clutches that may fail.

The automaker says the faulty welds in the Econolines can fatigue and fail and stop the vehicles from moving forward, with the majority of reports indicating the welds fail during Audi says there may be problems with the front turn signals that can fail to illuminate, but Q3 drivers won't know the signals have failed.

The Audi Q3s could be driven with drivers making turns without knowing other drivers see no front turn indicators.

The automaker says software wasn't configured correctly and will cause the turn signals to fail without providing Jun 23, — Land Rover Range Rovers are recalled to repair problems with the doors that remain unlatched when they are closed.

More than 28, model year Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports may have keyless vehicle latching systems that can get stuck. Land Rover says the problem occurs on the left doors which can open while the vehicles are moving.

Karma says this can compromise the strength of the doors during side impacts. In addition, the door problem is a violation of federal safety standards.

There are recalled Reveros in the U. The Karma Revero recall will begin July 12, , when dealers will replace any affected front Jun 22, — Porsche is recalling about , vehicles in the U.

Jun 21, — A model year Subaru Crosstrek recall has been announced to replace the driver-side rear door window glass because of tempering problems.

According to the automaker, the Crosstreks have rear window glass that could shatter into large pieces instead of small pieces as required by federal safety standards.

There are vehicles recalled in the U. Subaru dealers will begin replacing the window glass when the Jun 16, — BMW is recalling nearly 2, new X7 vehicles because the driver and passenger head airbags may not have been installed properly.

The X7 xDrive40i and X7 xDrive50i vehicles need the head airbags reinstalled by dealers. About 1, of the BMW vehicles are recalled in the U.

Specifically, the head airbags may not have been aligned within the vehicle trim according to specifications, causing the airbags to fail or deploy Jun 13, — Ford is recalling model year Ford F trucks equipped with 5-liter and 6.

The problem is the powertrain control module software that was reprogrammed in the trucks equipped with 6-speed transmissions. About , Fs are involved, and all were worked on during a February recall of 1.

What's bad is the recall Jun 12, — A Ford Explorer recall for more than 1. According to Ford, Explorers may suffer from rear suspension toe link fractures that will cause drivers serious steering problems, including the chance of losing control.

Ford says one driver reported hitting a curb when the toe link broke, but the automaker says it's unaware of any injuries caused by Jun 10, — An Audi e-tron recall has been issued for 1, electric SUVs over the risk of battery fires, or what Audi calls, a " thermal event.

The automaker says the recall is necessary because a seal may allow moisture to enter the battery compartment and cause a short-circuit. Audi says no fires have been reported to date, Jaguar says if the electrical regenerative brake system fails, there will be a delay between the time a driver hits the brake pedal and the vehicle slowing down.

The problem was discovered after Jaguar opened an investigation in Jun 8, — A Mazda3 recall is necessary because the passenger airbag warning lights may mistakenly turn off even though the airbags are deactivated.

Additionally, the seat belt status indicators for the front passenger seats and rear seats may turn off even though the seat belts are unfastened.

Nearly 28, model year Mazda3 cars are affected by the problems that will leave drivers guessing about the seat belts and airbags. Mazda says the problems with the Jun 7, — A Ram recall has been ordered for nearly , trucks that need repairs to prevent the airbags and seat belt pretensioners from failing.

The Ram s have software problems related to the occupant restraint controllers which can disable the airbags. Nearly , of the recalled trucks are in the U.

Jun 6, — Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans are recalled because the rear-quarter windows may be tempered instead of laminated. More than 1, of the vans don't comply with safety standards if the glass isn't laminated.

General Motors says one or both rear-quarter windows may be affected, a problem that could create additional safety hazards in rollover or side impact incidents.

The automaker says tempered glass was mistakenly listed in GM's part Jun 5, — A Suzuki Kizashi recall for more than 23, cars is necessary because the front passenger airbags may not deploy as designed.

The Kizashi vehicles may have occupant classification systems that can misclassify an adult as a child and deactivate the airbags. Suzuki received a report in about the problem but couldn't retrieve the seat cushions for examination.

Three more reports were filed in which caused Suzuki to meet with the supplier, Jun 2, — Fiat Chrysler FCA is recalling more than 17, model year Ram trucks because the driveshafts may break due to weld problems.

FCA opened an investigation in August after receiving six warranty claims for busted driveshafts that were built within a month of each other, and all the vehicles had less than 5, miles.

The supplier found problems with the welds where the tubes and yokes interfaced, but by December no additional broken Jun 1, — A Rugged Liner tonneau cover recall has been announced for 8, hard tri-fold bed covers sold for these Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

May 31, — Nissan is recalling model year Altimas equipped with front-wheel-drive and 2. The automaker says fires are possible because the fuel pump lock rings may not be fully engaged.

This can cause a fuel leak, something dealers will remedy by inspecting the fuel tank assemblies. Nissan dealers will tighten the lock rings if they are disengaged, or if the lock rings are detached the fuel pumps will be replaced.

The Nissan Altima recall The Sprinter vans are equipped with high-beam assist, but software problems can leave drivers without the ability to switch off the high beams.

Mercedes says the vans equipped with high-beam assist have levers for the high-beam function that can get stuck if there is a camera malfunction due to software errors May 29, — A Honda Clarity Fuel Cell recall has been issued over electric water pump problems for the cars that are located only in California.

Honda says 1, model year cars have water pumps that can fail to circulate water to cool the fuel cell stacks.

The magnets attached to the rotor cores inside the pumps were not properly surface-treated and may corrode from water exposure.

Magnet corrosion can disable the electric water pump and illuminate the warning May 29, — More than 27, Mitsubishi Mirage G4 cars are recalled because all the airbags may become disabled at the same time.

The Mirage G4s have acceleration sensors in the airbag electronic control units that may misinterpret vibrations as malfunctions of the systems.

The automaker says rough road conditions or flat tires are enough to disable all the airbags. Mitsubishi traced the problem back to when a report came in about an airbag warning light May 25, — A Jaguar F-TYPE recall will repeat itself after the automaker recalled the same cars for the same airbag problems in The automaker says the seat belt harness connector that connects the seat belt tension sensor to the occupant classification sensor control module may not be wired properly.

This will cause a failure of the front May 25, — Porsche is recalling more than 35, Panamera cars at risk of catching fire due to air conditioning blower control units that may get wet and short-circuit.

If you own any of the following vehicles, Porsche says to park the cars outdoors and away from anything that could burn.

May 25, — A Volvo S60 recall has been issued for more than 9, model year vehicles that may have loose toe link flange lock nuts on both side of the rear suspensions.

The S60s can suffer from stability problems while driving if the lock nuts loosen. Volvo says the vehicle stability system will detect a fault if an outer toe link bolt falls off, deactivating the stability system and according to the automaker, " vehicle maneuverability will be heavily Recalled are Volvo XC90s with engine coolant bleeder hoses that may crack and leak due to heat and humidity.

The coolant can build up in the catalytic converter heat shield insulation and catch fire. Volvo received five engine fire reports in September as investigators discovered melted components but May 24, — More than 49, Mazda6 cars are recalled in the U.

May 23, — A Hyundai Veloster recall includes nearly 14, cars with driver's side doors that may unintentionally open during side impacts.

The Velosters have problems with the door latch housings and locking cables that may become damaged. Hyundai first learned about the problem in August when the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed a side impact crash test on a Veloster.

The door latch housing and locking cable were damaged in the test May 23, — A Honda CR-V recall will be conducted after uncommanded airbag deployments injured at least three drivers.

More than , CR-Vs have defects that can cause the airbags to inadvertently deploy without warning, or possibly fail to deploy when they're needed. Honda discovered an illuminated warning light on a new CR-V at a plant and determined a fuse blew out from a short-circuit in the sub-harness of the cable reel.

The automaker believed the May 21, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 9, Metris vans in the U. The automaker says there are aluminum bolts that attach the power steering gear assist motors to the gear housings in the vans.

Those bolts can corrode and break, especially in areas where road salt is used in winter. The high-performance headlights have sensors for the range adjustments that may not have been calibrated.

The automaker also says the sensors may not be mounted correctly, with either problem causing changes in the angles of the LED headlights.

May 18, — BMW is recalling more than 15, vehicles after trying for the past few years to get permission to skip the recall.

But according to the government, seat belt problems will need to be fixed in the following vehicles. The automaker says this is a violation of federal safety standard concerning occupant protection.

BMW discovered the problem in January during tests that showed one of the four B-pillar target points May 17, — A Ram tailgate recall has been issued for more than , trucks because the tailgates may inadvertently open while driving.

The recall includes Ram , and pickup trucks equipped with 8-foot beds and power locking tailgates.

Also included are all Ram , and trucks built before April 1, , and equipped with power locking tailgates. About , of the trucks are in the U.

May 17, — Chrysler is recalling about , model year Pacifica minivans in the U. The automaker says the Pacificas may lose their power steering or may stall due to loose battery ground connections.

About , of the minivans are recalled in the U. Chrysler says there was a sealer applied when the wire harnesses were May 15, — A Ford Fusion gear shift recall has been issued for about , cars to fix transmission cable and gear shift lever problems, with more than , of the model year Fusions recalled in the U.

The cars are equipped with 2. According to information from Ford, the bushings can degrade and cause the cables to detach from the transmissions.

The problem May 15, — A Ford Ranger gear shift indicator cable recall has been ordered for more than 2, model year Ranger trucks for rollaway dangers related to brackets that attach the transmission shift cables to the housings.

There are two fasteners that secure the transmission shift cable brackets to the transmission housings, but the fasteners may not have been torqued properly.

Loose brackets can cause loose gear shift cable brackets and leave drivers questioning the May 11, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 1, model year A and A 4Matic cars because of brake pedal problems.

The As may have suffered welding errors of the brake pedal plates that may cause the plates to bend. Drivers may discover brake pedals that don't function properly, a serious issue when trying to apply the brakes.

The A recall is scheduled to begin June 19, , when dealers will replace affected brake pedals. Owners of May 9, — BMW is recalling model year i3s and i3 REx hybrid electric vehicles that may stop moving while driving.

The automaker says a circuit board problem within the electric motor electronics modules may shut down the high-voltage electrical power. This will cause a loss of propulsion in the vehicles recalled in the U.

The BMW i3 recall will begin June 7, BMW dealerships will replace the electric motor May 4, — Chrysler is recalling more than model year Jeep Cherokees because the front passenger seats may move in crashes.

The automaker says the front seat mounting bolts may not have been tightened during manufacturing. Jeep Cherokee customers should have been contacted by now and provided information concerning dealerships tightening the bolts.

With questions, call the automaker at and ask about recall number V Read what drivers tell May 4, — About 1, model year Dodge Chargers are recalled because the driver-side and passenger-side sun visors are missing the required airbag warning information.

Federal safety standards require vehicles to have labels permanently attached to the sun visors, but FCA Fiat Chrysler discovered a Dodge Charger equipped with a non-U.

Specifically, the driver sun visors may be missing the airbag warning labels, and May 3, — A General Motors engine block heater cord recall has been issued for more than , trucks in the U.

GM says the following Duramax 6. May 2, — Volkswagen is recalling eight model year Tiguans with the wrong tire information labels.

VW says the labels contain the wrong tire dimension and inflation pressure specifications, something that will be fixed by installing the correct tire labels.

Affected VW Tiguan customers may call May 1, — A Nissan Altima recall of 5, cars will allegedly fix problems that can cause the cars to unintentionally roll away.

Nissan says the problem can also cause the brake lights to stay illuminated even though drivers aren't touching the brake pedals.

The new cars were manufactured with the brake switch brackets in the wrong locations, allowing the brake switches to remain on. The rollaway risk arises because the gear shift lever can be moved out of the Apr 28, — A Subaru ignition switch recall has been ordered by the automaker if the vehicles are equipped with replacement switches.

The recall includes more than of these vehicles in the U. Apr 27, — A Honda timing belt recall has been issued for nearly , vehicles in Canada and the U.

Honda says the timing belt supplier started using additional production molds in May to increase capacity, and Apr 26, — A Toyota Yaris recall has been issued for 43, cars in the U.

Toyota says the cars are equipped with side airbag sensors installed in the front doors and wire harnesses that connect the sensors to the airbag control units.

The harnesses may corrode and cause the airbag warning lights to activate. But the real dangers arise from the side and curtain shield airbags that can Chrysler says the occupant restraint controllers were built with software errors that may disable the passive safety features, although the automaker didn't say which features are affected.

Apr 26, — Honda is recalling 57, Odyssey minivans with transmissions that may shift into PARK while driving, with 50, minivans recalled in the U.

Low-voltage conditions can cause the transmission control units in the minivans to suddenly reboot and send the transmissions into PARK, damaging the parking rods and allowing the minivans to roll away while parked.

Honda traced the problem to November when a Apr 25, — A Toyota Sienna recall will have dealerships repairing vehicles in the U. Toyota says the Sienna minivan airbag sensors may be affected by the faulty door welds and may cause the airbags to fail.

The problem can also cause the passenger-side front seat and curtain shield airbags to deploy for no reason.

Toyota says U. Apr 25, — A Chevrolet Trax recall will repair problems with joints in the front lower control arms that may have been improperly welded, causing the control arms to separate from the SUVs.

A General Motors dealer filed a report in November about a left front lower control arm that partially separated in a Chevy Trax.

Engineers determined the weld connecting the control arm to the bushing VW dealers will replace the airbags once the recall begins May 19, If you want to check if your vehicle is included in the airbag recall, call Volkswagen at Volkswagen's number for this recall is 69Y8.

The automaker says the doors cannot be opened from the outside in the event of a crash, a problem dealers will repair by replacing the door locks.

The recall number is Apr 19, — A Dodge Dart shifter cable recall has been issued for nearly , cars equipped with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

The Dodge Darts may have shifter cable bushings that fail and allow the cables to detach from the transmissions. A driver can move the gear shifter but the transmission won't follow, including when a driver shifts into PARK.

Nearly , of the recalled Darts are in the U. Apr 18, — A BMW PCV valve heater recall has been ordered for more than , vehicles as an expansion of a recall of , vehicles in BMW says the positive crankcase ventilation valves may short-circuit, overheat and melt.

A melted PCV valve heater means the real chance of a fire even if the ignition is turned off in these vehicles. Apr 17, — Nearly 8, model year Dodge Challenger, Charger and Chrysler vehicles are recalled because the instrument cluster warnings may fail to let drivers know about problems.

According to Fiat Chrysler FCA US , the warning chimes, messages and gauges may not properly illuminate and warn drivers of system issues.

FCA says it tracked the problem by using instrument cluster part numbers and determined defective clusters with software problems were put into The automaker says faulty welds on the rear right seat head restraints may not hold during crash impacts, increasing the injury risk to occupants.

Chevy and GMC dealers will replace the seatback frames when the recall begins in the U. April 15, Apr 14, — Mazda Mazda3 windshield wiper problems have caused a recall of nearly , cars to repair windshield wipers that may fail while the wipers are in operation.

Nearly , model year Mazda3 cars in the U. Mazda received its first complaint about the wipers in November and an investigation determined the failure was caused The Lexus ES cars may have driver's side knee airbags that weren't correctly fastened to the instrument panels.

The problem was caused during production and could cause more injuries to a driver than if the airbag didn't deploy at all. Lexus dealers will inspect the driver-side knee airbag assemblies and replace them if needed once the recall Apr 13, — Chrysler is recalling 52 model year Jeep Wrangler and Ram vehicles because the steering wheels may fall off while driving.

The automaker says the Jeeps and Rams have steering column stub shafts that may break because they weren't properly machined. This can cause the steering wheel to detach from the column.

Fiat Chrysler will replace any steering columns deemed defective. Jeep Wrangler and Ram owners should have already been contacted, Apr 12, — A Ford engine block heater recall has been issued for , model year F and F-Series Super Duty trucks that were recalled for the same heater cord problems in December The engine block heater cord recall includes about , trucks in the U.

The automaker says the splice connectors for the heater cords may have been Apr 8, — Porsche is recalling vehicles to repair problems with side airbag impact sensors that can prevent the airbags from deploying.

Apr 8, — Porsche is recalling Panameras because numerous vehicle systems can go wacky and make driving a difficult task.

The Acura MDX has problems with tail light seals that can deform and allow water into the light assemblies. Intruding water may travel to electrical components and any contact with open circuits will cause tail light failures.

But it's also possible a short-circuit could Apr 7, — A Suzuki Kizashi and Grand Vitara recall includes about 41, cars and SUVs with front leather passenger seats that may shrink and cause airbag problems.

About 31, of the vehicles are in the U. The vehicles may fail to detect if The problem occurred during assembly when someone forgot to tighten the bolts.

Dealers will replace the seat adapter attachment Apr 5, — A Volvo XC60 and S90 recall includes nearly 2, vehicles that may be missing the front seat rail rear flange nuts, a problem that could cause structural problems with the front driver-side and passenger-side seats.

The front seats in the Volvo XC60s and S90s may also move out of position in crashes if the flange nuts are missing.

Volvo learned of the problem in March when supplier Brose contacted the automaker and said there were production The automaker says the wrong carpet was installed on the rear seatbacks and may cover the center child seat anchorage tethers.

A child seat won't be secured if the upper anchorage point is blocked by carpet, a problem Mercedes dealers will fix by replacing the rear seatback covering carpet.

The recall is expected to Mar 29, — A Hyundai Veloster fire recall has been issued for nearly 16, model year vehicles because of defects in the engine management software located in the electronic control units.

Many of those blazes started without impacts from collisions. The Velosters are equipped with 1. Mar 28, — Problems with rear coil springs in Volkswagen vehicles have caused a recall of more than 56, popular models at risk of the springs breaking.

A fractured rear coil spring can The Alfa Romeo Stelvios and Giulias may prevent drivers from disabling the adaptive cruise control features after the traction control systems detect certain types of wheel slips.

Alfa Romeo learned of a problem in December when a company car wasn't able to deactivate the The X5 recall will begin April 5, , when dealerships will torque the bolts to correct specifications.

Customers may call BMW at Mar 27, — Volkswagen says four Jettas have the wrong driver-side frontal airbags that were installed during repairs.

VW says the airbags may not deploy correctly if at all, something that dealers will fix by replacing the incorrect airbags. Volkswagen will contact the four owners in April , but drivers with questions may call Volkswagen's number for this recall is 69Y7.

Check out what owners tell CarComplaints. Mar 27, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 22, vehicles to repair front seatbacks that may not lock into position.

Mar 26, — Audi is recalling 22 model year Q7 and Q8 SUVs because the front shock absorbers may loosen while driving due to cracks in the shock absorber forks.

A driver could experience severe steering problems if the shocks suddenly loosen, a problem that caused Porsche to recall one Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

Audi dealers will replace the shock absorber forks, but Q7 and Q8 drivers with concerns may call Audi's recall number is Mar 25, — A Cadillac CT6 recall has been ordered by General Motors for five cars with steering wheels that will won't automatically cancel the turn signals when the wheels are turned.

Cadillac dealers will need to replace the turn signal switches in the five cars. CT6 owners may contact Cadillac at and use recall number N Mar 25, — Porsche is recalling 98 model year Cayenne and Cayenne S SUVs because the rearview camera displays may be delayed because of software failures.

Drivers won't see accurate images of what's behind the SUVs, a problem dealers will repair by updating the software.

Porsche's number for this recall is AKA0. Mar 25, — Porsche is recalling more than 14, vehicles because the brake pads could wear out without providing drivers the required warnings on the instrument panels.

Mar 25, — Porsche is recalling nearly 14, cars because a crash could cause gas leaks that lead to fires. Mar 24, — About Toyota Camry and Avalon Hybrids are at risk of fuel leaks and fires due to fuel filler pipes that may not have been reconnected to the gas tanks during assembly inspections.

The Camry Hybrids and Avalon Hybrids need to be taken back to dealerships so technicians can inspect and possibly replace the fuel filler pipes.

Owners should receive recall notices this month, but customers with concerns should call and ask about recall number Mercedes says drivers can turn on the fog lights but they may fail to work.

The automaker says a possible error in the control unit body controller may occur. Technically speaking, engineers say the " minimum pulse length required by the LED rear light to switch on the rear fog lamp is only reached below a vehicle electrical system voltage of Mar 20, — General Motors is recalling more than 18, model year GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado trucks equipped with gas engines and dual fuel tanks.

The automaker says the rear fuel tank may overfill the front tank if the fuel level sensor in the front tank gets stuck in the low-level position.

The overpressurized gas tank can expand and hit the driveshaft and result in a hole in the front fuel tank. From there fires may occur if Mar 19, — A Audi A3 sedan and RS 3 recall will repair 20, cars worldwide with center rear seat head restraints that may detach during crash impacts.

The recall includes more than 3, A3 and RS 3 cars in the U. The automaker says a tier 3 supplier made mistakes on a production line that allowed headrests without The Beetles are not equipped with brake pad wear indicators but were built during specific production periods and with specific software coding.

In other words, your Beetle isn't included if it's equipped with a brake pad wear indicator. VW says drivers won't see Mar 16, — Ferrari fuel vapor separator problems have caused a recall of more than 2, vehicles to prevent fuel leaks and fires.

Fuel may Mar 14, — A Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid recall will see dealerships repair nearly 47, minivans with lower control arms that may separate from the steering knuckles.

Specifically, the Pacifica minivans may suffer from separations of the right front lower control arm ball joint studs from the steering knuckles and leave drivers without directional steering control.

The automaker says this can all happen without a driver receiving any warnings. Fiat Chrysler says the emissions recall follows investigations conducted by the automaker and the EPA that shows the vehicles don't meet federal environmental regulations.

Chrysler says the vehicles are front-wheel-drive and three models are equipped with continuously variable transmissions CVTs.

The electric power steering may fail while driving and cause the vehicles to revert to manual steering, making turning the steering wheels much more of a chore.

A loss of power steering while driving slow speeds or around curves can easily cause a crash. GM opened an Mar 12, — Honda is recalling more than 1.

Mar 9, — A Fiat Spider recall for more than 8, cars has been issued if those cars are equipped with automatic transmissions.

Chrysler says the cars can unexpectedly downshift without warning because of problems with the transmission control modules. Fiat Chrysler FCA learned about downshifting problems in January when Mazda mentioned a recall of similar MX-5 Miata cars for the same transmission control module problems.

The Fiat Spider can Mar 8, — Bentley is recalling more than 1, model year Bentley Mulsanne cars with seat belt problems.

The recall begins in March when Bentley dealerships will add reinforcement panels to the cars to strengthen the rear seat belt mounting.

Mulsanne owners with questions should call Bentley at Bentley's number for this recall is RE Mar 7, — Chrysler is recalling 52 model year Jeep Cherokees with instrument clusters that may not provide warning chimes, messages and gauges.

The new Jeeps will need new instrument clusters installed by dealers. The recall is underway, but Jeep Cherokee owners with questions may call Chrysler's number for this recall is UC4.

Mar 7, — Chrysler says it will buy back specific Ram trucks equipped with a 12" touchscreen displays and base-level heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The automaker says only 15 trucks are involved, but Chrysler won't even try to repair the problems. The combination of the inch touchscreen and base-level heating and cooling causes a complete loss of windshield defrosting and defogging.

The recall will begin March 15, , when Mar 7, — A Porsche recall has been ordered for models that may leak fuel in crash incidents.

The automaker says it discovered the problem during a special frontal crash test that indicated the lower longitudinal crash beam component could slice through the bulkhead wall.

Porsche says fuel can leak if the crash beam component penetrates the wall of the bulkhead in more than 14, vehicles. However, no injuries or crashes have been reported.

Mar 6, — An Audi recall has been issued for nearly 75, vehicles after finding fuel leaks in Audi Q7, A6, A7 and Audi A8 vehicles.

The automaker says the left and right fuel rails may leak fuel that can start fires if the fuel makes contact with an ignition source. Audi received complaints in June about fuel odors from leaks on the fuel rails and opened an internal investigation into the complaints.

Engineers developed a test to simulate Mar 6, — BMW is recalling about , vehicles to replace Takata airbags at risk of exploding.

More than , of those vehicles had their original steering wheels replaced with the optional sports steering wheels. It's the sports steering wheels that contain frontal Takata airbag inflators at risk of rupturing.

Mar 3, — Kia is recalling 32, Sportage SUVs because of problems with stalled engines due to oil pan leaks. In addition, leaking oil may hit hot surfaces and start a fire.

Hyundai contacted people at Kia about a plant that had problems with the assembly of engine oil pan seals that were failing and causing oil Cracks can appear on the sidewall reinforcement layers and cause the tread to separate while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn't released information about the recall, but Mar 1, — A Subaru brake light switch recall will be issued for 1.

Feb 28, — A Kia Soul fire recall will attempt to repair , vehicles equipped with 1. The Center for Auto Safety filed the petition to investigate non-collision fires after finding more than complaints Feb 28, — A Hyundai Tucson oil leak recall has been issued for , model year Tucsons, but Hyundai doesn't know how or when dealerships will fix the problem.

According to the automaker, the engine oil pans can leak between the pans and engine blocks and cause engine damage, stalled engines or engine fires.

Hyundai and safety regulators believe there were problems with the sealant used for the oil pans. Feb 28, — Airbag problems have caused Kia to recall more than 94, model year Sedona minivans equipped with manually-adjusted front passenger seats.

Kia says the occupant detection system wiring harnesses may break from occupants sitting in the front passenger seats.

The harnesses are located under the seats and are used with the occupant detection systems to know when children are in the seats.

Kia noticed an increase in warranty claims for seat cushion Feb 27, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly , vehicles due to explosive Takata airbag inflators, but the vehicles are recalled only if located in specific "Zones" of the country.

Feb 27, — A Nissan Altima recall has been issued for nearly 24, cars to fix problems that can cause fuel leaks and fires. Assembly problems caused retainer clips to not lock into position between the low-pressure fuel tubes and the high-pressure fuel pumps.

This may move the fuel tubes to the outside and interfere with the o-ring seal, allowing small amounts of fuel to leak. A continuous leak will cause illumination of warning lights and diagnostic trouble Feb 26, — Volkswagen is recalling nearly , vehicles because the driver's side Takata frontal airbag inflators may explode and injure or kill occupants.

Feb 26, — Subaru is recalling , vehicles to replace dangerous Takata airbag inflators in two recalls that include the Subaru Tribeca, WRX, Legacy, Subaru Impreza and Subaru Forester.

The Takata passenger frontal airbag inflators contain ammonium nitrate used as the propellant that deploys the airbags in crash impacts, but the chemical can become unstable and explode.

Even a minor crash can cause the metal inflators to explode into Feb 22, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling 6, vehicles to fix problems that interfere with the active steering assist systems.

Feb 21, — Mercedes-Benz is recalling vehicles in yet another recall related to software, in this case electronic stability control software that can block the parking brake from being disengaged.

Feb 21, — Airbags that take too long to deploy have caused Mercedes-Benz to recall vehicles to update the parameters of the airbag control unit software.

The automaker says the airbags can experience delayed deployments for front passengers who aren't wearing seat belts.

Mercedes doesn't know when the recall will begin. Affected owners probably have Feb 21, — Daimler is warning Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 owners to stop driving their vehicles to avoid a complete loss of steering.

More than 4, VS30 vans are recalled because the steering shafts that connect to the steering gears can disconnect without warning.

Daimler says the steering shaft is connected to the steering gear with bolts tightened by an electronic screwdriver that measures the torque value applied and the angle of the bolt.

An alert triggers Feb 20, — A Nissan Murano recall related to brake fluid is the newest action taken by the automaker after multiple crashes were caused by soft brake pedals and increased stopping distances.

More than 86, Muranos are affected by the recall because brake fluids made with specific additives used to prevent corrosion may interfere with the anti-lock brake system hydraulic control units.

This will cause the valves in the control units to not close properly. Mercedes says the horizontal adjustment screws may not be sealed to prevent owners from altering the adjustments.

Federal standards don't allow horizontal adjustments to headlights because it could affect visibility or blind other drivers.

Mercedes dealers will seal the horizontal headlight Feb 19, — A Volkswagen rear coil spring recall has been issued because the springs in more than 6, vehicles may not have been manufactured properly.

Included in the recall are the Volkswagen Atlas, Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and Volkswagen Jetta with rear coil springs that may break.

A fractured rear coil spring can damage a rear tire and cause a blowout, leaving objects in the roadway. A supplier contacted Volkswagen in July about the use Feb 19, — A Ford Fusion Energi recall will have dealerships repairing about 2, cars in the U.

Ford says the Fusion Energi cars were built in a way that can allow contact with an uncovered high-voltage fuse, something engineers accomplished by using a wire test probe 1 mm by mm long.

The automaker says small gaps behind the access panels create the risk of injuries from touching the high-voltage fuses.

Feb 19, — General Motors is recalling model year Cadillac XTS cars because the seat belt buckles may separate from the cable mounting straps.

GM blames the problem on a missing rivet used to secure the seat belt buckle head to the cable mounting strap. An occupant likely wouldn't be properly restrained in a crash, defeating the entire purpose of the seat belt.

Feb 16, — A Chevrolet Malibu recall is ordered to fix driver frontal airbag inflators that could explode, and the problem isn't caused by Takata inflators.

General Motors says more than 1, model year Malibus are equipped with ARC driver-side airbag inflators that could overpressurize and rupture when the airbags deploy.

In November GM was contacted by an attorney who represented a Chevy Malibu driver who was allegedly injured when the airbag inflator Feb 15, — Nissan Altima door latch problems have caused a recall of , cars in the U.

The Altima door latch-lock cables may not have been routed properly in the rear door when the cars were repaired during the recall. The cables can interfere with the window regulators and cause the rear passenger doors to unlatch and open.

However, the doors will inadvertently unlatch only when the windows are Feb 14, — Ford is recalling about 4, vehicles because the instrument panel cluster assemblies may go blank when the vehicles are started.

The Ford Mustang, Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Navigator vehicles need their instrument panel cluster software updated. Ford didn't provide details concerning what caused the problem, how it was discovered, etc.

But no crashes or injuries have been reported from the instrument panels going blank. About 4, recalled The automaker says sodium particulates that can be found in gasoline can stick to internal components in the fuel pumps, increasing resistance in the pumps and causing reduced performance.

The pumps can be affected to the point the engines stall without warning while Feb 13, — Ford F downshifting problems have caused a recall of nearly 1.

The automaker says five crashes and one whiplash injury have been blamed on trucks suddenly downshifting into first gear without warning.

A loss of signal from the transmission output speed sensor to the powertrain control module is allegedly the source of the downshifting problem. About 1.

Feb 13, — A Lincoln Continental door latch recall has been ordered for more than 28, cars in the U. The Continentals may have door latch motors that suffer from contamination from silicon, resulting in latches that don't fully engage.

Ford says there haven't been any reports of crashes or injuries, but a door unintentionally opening while driving is a good possibility.

The recalled Lincoln Continental cars were built between November 30, Feb 9, — An Acura ILX recall has been ordered by the automaker because the cars can run out of gas even though the fuel gauges indicate plenty of fuel is available.

About 4, model year ILX cars in the U. Acura says the bottom of the tank may cause it to sit too high and reduce the space between the inner wall of the tank and the fuel float.

The float can stick to Feb 8, — A Honda Ridgeline recall for nearly , trucks is needed to replace the fuel pumps and pump covers, including on new models.

Honda says Ridgeline fuel pump fuel feed ports can be affected by detergents used in car washes. Honda learned of a possible problem in February when a report was made about a fuel leak, causing the automaker to open an investigation.

The supplier determined acid caused a crack in the fuel feed port, but it was The company, owned by Chinese company Geely, says XC60 SUVs have defective power tailgate lifting arms that may separate in cold weather.

It's likely at least minor injuries have been reported because the automaker says it knows of no " significant injuries " Feb 6, — A Mazda MX-5 Miata recall has been issued for models that can suddenly downshift at any speed without warning.

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